SplashData has just released its top of the worst passwords of the year 2017 and the contents of this list should not surprise many people since it contains many known heads.

This is not a revelation, in computer science, the main problem lies between the screen and the back of the chair. Securing a system does not only depend on the system in question, but also and especially on its users.

In this regard, we must admit that we are far from perfect and some of us have the unfortunate tendency to use passwords perfectly ridiculous to protect access to their accounts.

The worst passwords of the year 2017

SplashData obviously had a bit of time to spare as the company had fun poking through the open access pirated data on the specialized sites to establish a new list of the worst passwords used in the world.

As indicated above, the content of this list should not really surprise you. It is indeed very close to that of previous years.

At the top of the list is the very popular “123456“. It retains the first place on the podium and is ahead of the inevitable “password“, the magnificent “12345678” and the inevitable “qwerty“. After all, why complicate one’s life, right?

Then we find the highly anticipated “123456789” or the majestic “letmein” (let me in), followed by the inimitable “1234567“, “football” or “iloveyou“. The Top 10 flies so high, and the following is obviously the same because keywords such as “admin” or “welcome“, “login“, “123123” are also part of the list.

123456 and password still topping the list

Sometimes, we also come across passwords a little more original, like the magnificent “starwars” or the very connoted “asshole“.

More creative, other users opt for declensions a little more original, such as “passw0rd“, “password1“, “121212” or “12341234” declensions. There, for sure, hackers have fun.

As a reminder, passwords must follow some basic rules to provide a minimum of security. It is therefore recommended to use keys consisting of eight or ten characters consisting of letters, numbers and punctuation. In order to perfect the table, it can also be useful to alternate between lower and upper case letters while taking care to use several different passwords.

Of course, the main difficulty is to manage to retain them. Here, the best is still to turn to a password manager, obviously crossing the fingers so that the latter is not foolishly hacked.