Tesla hides an epic Easter egg inside of its Model Y event invitation

Tesla hides an epic Easter egg inside of its Model Y event invitation

It’s no secret that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, likes to trick people. That said, it’s hard to be smarter than Musk, although YouTuber Marques Brownlee tried to prove his luck. Brownlee decided to clarify the promotional photo of the Tesla Model Y, the model that the company plans to present this week, to know more details of the car.

At first glance, the promotional image of the Model Y does not say much about the car, the fifth model of the company and its more affordable SUV. Next, Brownlee saved the photo on his iPhone and tried to use the iOS image editor to lighten the image. While the image is clearing, a curious mark appears in front of the car.

When zooming, you can see that it is not a brand, but a simple phrase: “Nice try”.

Brownlee says that it was a “well played” on the part of Musk and he mentions it on Twitter. Musk, like the lover of Twitter that is, answers him with the emoticon that winks the eye.

According to Mashable, other people have tried to use different photo editors, but the result remains the same. Musk is not going to let anyone ruin the surprise of Model Y (unless he decides to do it for some reason, of course).

The Model Y will be 10% larger than the Model 3 and will also cost 10% more. Because it will share the same battery as the sedan, it will have a lower range. Tesla will present the Model Y on March 14 at the Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.