Sucking CO2 From Air Is Cheaper Than Scientists Thought

Sucking CO2 From Air Is Cheaper Than Scientists Thought

Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere must be everyone’s concern. It would be possible to suck it out of the sky, and it would not be as expensive as we thought it would be.

If carbon dioxide (CO2) is an entirely natural gas (we release it when we exhale) and is used by plants for photosynthesis, as with everything in life, too much is usually the enemy. The excess CO2 has caused a change in the climate and not necessarily in a good way.

Sucking CO2 from the sky could cost less than expected

That being said, it seems that one way to manage this excess CO2 is not as expensive as we thought. One of the great ideas put forward to get rid of it is to suck it straight into the air, quite simply. Scientists had ruled out this possibility, considering it too expensive. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academies , the process would cost a whopping $ 1,000 per ton.

If we believe a new analysis published in Joule, the real costs would be much lower. They would be only $ 232 per ton, or even $ 94 per ton. In this cheapest version, captured carbon dioxide would serve as an alternative fuel. In the most expensive version, compressed CO2 would be recovered for storage in the soil.

Prudence, these are just estimates

According to researcher Howard Herzog of the MIT Energy Initiative, despite these figures significantly lower, caution is needed : ” as long as we can not really confirm the costs and performance at scale, we must always take these estimates with tweezers. I still think the final amount could be several times that one. “It’s hard to know when this process will be implemented, but if it turns out to be as cheap as the latest estimates suggest, that could be a good way to get rid of this excess CO2 and stop climatic changes.