Sony foldable smartphone could employ transparent displays

Sony foldable smartphone could employ transparent displays

Samsung and Huawei are not the only ones working on a foldable smartphone. A few months ago, Sony also filed a patent application for a foldable and transparent phone model. The date of sale remains unknown for the moment.

The outline of the project has been unveiled, which will allow technology enthusiasts to get an idea of what could be the new range of phones Sony.

The patent filed with the Office of Intellectual Property of the World highlights a significant difference between collapsible smartphones designed by Sony and Samsung. The Japanese firm would have adopted a more innovative approach by equipping its creations with two transparent screens.

Sony puts the package to offer a unique smartphone. It intends to impress its faithful acolytes with a model beyond the understanding.

Six display modes and 3 additional options

Sony wants to be the pioneer of transparent and collapsible smartphones.

If one refers to the recently published patent, the Japanese manufacturer works on a double-sided model, that is to say with two screens: one on the front face and the other on the back side. In addition, there are six distinct display modes, three at the front and three at the back. Each has technical specificities.

To top it off, the foldable and transparent Sony smartphone offers three fashion variations. The user can switch to transparent, semi-transparent or non-transparent (opaque) mode, according to their desires. We even talk about a possible roll-up smartphone. A first in the history of mobile phones.

Revolutionary features

The Sony brand rivals ingenuity with its direct competitors. All features built into the foldable and transparent smartphone have been thoughtfully designed to give users a better experience. For example, the modes vary according to the level of the battery and the brightness of the surrounding environment. Sony is not at its first attempt. It would seem that an identical patent has already been filed with the Office of Intellectual Property of the World. We look forward to the release of this transparent and foldable smartphone at the forefront of technology. For now, no date has been mentioned.