Olive ridley turtles hatch in Mumbai after two decades

Olive ridley turtles hatch in Mumbai after two decades

For the first time in 20 years, Olive ridley turtles hatched to the surprise of all on the beach of Bombay, India, despite the pollution.

21 million people live in Mumbai (or Bombay), India, which is a city marked by significant ambient pollution. Its beach is particularly affected, spotted with piles of garbage of all kinds that push volunteers to carry out a daily collection of waste. It was on this occasion that they were able to discover, Thursday, March 22, on the beach of Versova 103 babies olive turtles advance as best as possible towards the sea, in order to reach the ocean.

It has been more than twenty years that no turtle was seen on the beach of Versova, because of its overestimation of waste discouraging animals from coming to lay their eggs. However, the Hindustan Times said Friday, March 23 have found the eggshells in the sand, evidence that babies are born on the beach, against all odds, including that of Afroz Shah, the head of the corner interview, who said:

This is a historic day for the city, no one could have believed that turtles could come here to lay eggs“.

As Courrier International reports, skepticism was at the beginning. Scientists have in the first place favored the hypothesis of reptiles lovers coming to get rid of them on the beach, rather than the now admitted turtles come naturally to the place in question. Afroz Shah tweeted: “Born and hatched on our beach, we have facilitated their access to the sea. The constant cleanings help marine species

Some already established theories concerning the birth of these baby turtles, whose mothers could have been born twenty years earlier on this beach, before having returned there a few months ago to lay their eggs.

It is difficult to determine for the moment if this is a sign of a significant improvement in the quality of seawater, possibly due to the efforts of the cleaners, or if it is a happy coincidence.