Mummified Dinosaur discovered in Canada that is approximately 110 million years old

Mummified Dinosaur discovered in Canada that is approx 110 million years old

Miners in Canada accidentally found the mummified dinosaur fossil, that is considered to the best-preserved dinosaur fossil in history of palaeontology.

The discovery was made in the year 2011, however, until now the images have been made public by the National Geographic magazine .

The fossil is currently in the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, Canada, where Robert Clark, photographer of the magazine had the good fortune to capture his best images.

“It was like a dragon from Game of Thrones,” he said, expressing that it is the most impressive fossil he has ever seen.

The herbivore is a ‘nodosaur’, lived 110 million years ago and best-preserved puzzled the scientific community for its perfect state of conservation.

The animal presents a good state of its fossilized skin, it even conserves content in its belly.

“Its resting place under the sea had helped to fossilize the dinosaur’s armor, spots on its skin, some of its soft tissues, and what are probably remnants of the dinosaur’s last meal,” the magazine explains.

The pantheologists say that this finding is like “winning the lottery“, since normally only bones and teeth are found.