Motorola’s New P30 Smartphone Blatantly Copies iPhone X

Motorola's New P30 Smartphone Blatantly Copies iPhone X

Motorola, one of the first manufacturers of mobile phones has received strong criticism after publishing its latest smartphone model that reminds too much of those made by Apple. The latest model in question is the Motorola P30.

Although it is usual for cell phone manufacturers to “be inspired” by the appearance of the iPhone X, which has a smaller frame around the screen and a distinctive feature at the top where the camera is, none had almost copied exactly as Motorola is doing with their new equipment. Even the back of the phone looks almost identical to the iPhone X, except that the Apple logo has been replaced by the Motorola and works as a fingerprint sensor.

For example, technology blogger Marques Brownlee called the P30 the “most brazen copy” because of its similarity to the iPhone X. For its part, Mashable said that Motorola “had even gone so far as to adorn the screen with a background of the screen that is identical to Apple’s default wallpaper. “

In that sense, the news and review site Technobuffalo said the design was an “atrocious clone” and that it was “almost impossible to distinguish” from the iPhone X. And although The Verge was more subtle in its criticism, it did emphasize that the algorithms of Google image recognition described the photos of the P30 as “iPhone”.

Lenovo, the owner of the Motorola brand, has not yet responded to criticism but it has transpired that plans to sell the new model in China. Although not yet announced its availability in other countries, it is expected that the device costs around 350 dollars, less than half the price of iPhone X.

Although this is a faux pas for Motorola, the old American company has made interesting announcements in recent weeks. For example at the beginning of this month announced the first compatible phone with the future 5G technology.