‘Lightbulb head’: How hair dye caused French woman’s ridiculous swelling

'Lightbulb head'- How hair dye caused French woman's ridiculous swelling

Can you imagine that one day you dye your hair to look different, but all you get is to scare you because not only has the color changed but the size of your head? This happened to Estelle, a 19-year-old French student who almost lost her life just by changing the color of her hair.

Estelle wanted to change the tone of her hair from blond to black and bought a dye at the supermarket to apply it herself at home; however, one of the components caused an allergic reaction, she looked unrecognizable and had to be hospitalized in an emergency.

But, what happened? Estelle comments in an interview with the French newspaper Le Parisien that it was easy for her to buy the dye at the supermarket, get home and do an allergy test on her skin to make sure it would not cause her allergic reaction; however, I only wait 30 minutes and not the 48 hours recommended in the instructions.

Once the change of look was finished and her hair looked completely black, she started to itch, obviously started to scratch and felt that her skull was swollen. She went to the pharmacy where she was prescribed antihistamines and an itch cream.

She continued with the treatment throughout that day, but the next morning, when she woke up and saw herself in the mirror, she was shocked: her head and face looked completely disfigured. “She head was like a light bulb, my forehead doubled in size,” the French student described.

'Lightbulb head'- How hair dye caused French woman's ridiculous swelling
Estelle spent one night in the hospital / DR

Immediately, Estelle went with her mother Sygrid to the hospital, where she was immediately attended, since her head was 63 centimeters, when the average circumference is 56.

The doctors commented that it was an allergy to paraphenylenediamine (PPD), an ingredient found in almost 90% of dark permanent dyes, but it was urgent to treat it with a good dose of corticosteroids and antihistamines to prevent further damage.

It seemed like everything was over, but

After releasing her and arriving home, Estelle thought her nightmare was over, but that was not the case. The swelling continued and her forehead and temples seemed to explode. “I had the feeling of being in a jar.

So she had to go back to the Mondor emergency room in Créteil, but on the way, Estelle felt she was choking, she could not breathe, her tongue swelled up so much that it did not allow the air to pass, her heart quickened and everything was despair at that moment.

Arriving at the hospital, the doctors injected her with a dose of adrenaline and kept her under observation all night. “The next day I was out of danger.

'Lightbulb head'- How hair dye caused French woman's ridiculous swelling
Estelle at home, in Vitry, Monday, November 26th ./LP/Olivier Arandel

Before this terrible experience, Estelle shared photos and her story on her social networks, she wanted to tell her story to prevent others from what she had experienced:

I almost died, I do not want something similar to happen to other people. I made a mistake and I want to tell others about my experience.

Meanwhile, her mother asks the companies that make the dyes that allergy warnings are more clear and large so that they can be read without problems.

For Estelle the changes of look for her hair are over, she still looks a little inflamed, but with her experience, she asks that they do the allergic test and wait the recommended 48 hours to rule out an allergy.