Westworld season 2: a very creepy final trailer and even a secret code!

Westworld season 2: a very creepy final trailer and even a secret code!

VIDEO – Last promotional round for Westworld season 2, the HBO series. On the menu of this final trailer: a very sinister atmosphere, the promise of a revolution, the arrival of samurai and even a secret code!

Last round of promotional trailer for the highly anticipated second season of Westworld which will start on April 22 in the United States. This final trailer will put fans of the series created by Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy on hot coals. After a first teaser announcing the revolt of the “hosts”, the robots populating the Westworld amusement park, this trailer promises nothing less than the revolution.

The “hosts” led by Dolores ( Evan Rachel Wood ) and Maeve ( Thandie Newton ) have managed to gain consciousness and now refuse to be the toys of often violent fantasies of their creators. Against the background of Nirvana’s box-shaped tube orchestral rehearsal, a lot of violence, cruelty and a man in black ( Ed Harris ) even more scary (that’s possible?) Than in season 1. But not that.

This trailer now shows clear clues that the “hosts” will discover other “fake” different worlds of the western park where they lived: a park in Japan medieval ShogunWorld!

HBO has fine-tuned this trailer which, if it reveals nothing or very little of the intrigue (inevitably twisted) to come, conceals a secret code (written on a box seen in the trailer ) opening access to a secret video! This is a fake advertisement of Delos, the owner firm of Westworld, which, as it scrolls, begins to bug and turn to very disturbing.