Landing in this narrow Greenland airport looks like a scene taken from Star Wars

This Cockpit View Of A Plane Landing In Maniitsoq, Greenland Is Otherworldly

What we see: the impressive descent from the cockpit of an airplane to land at the airport of Maniitsoq Island. The enclave, on the west coast of Greenland, is so spectacular, beautiful and unique that it looks like a scene taken from Star Wars.

In Maniitsoq live just over 2,400 people, which is equivalent to about 5% of the total population of Greenland. And like the whole region, the town is part of an autonomous state under the Danish kingdom. The surroundings, a unique and natural scenery of the city make it one of the most picturesque in Greenland.

Perhaps for this reason, landing at your airport is a different sight. The air transport to the city is mainly done through Air Greenland and its Bombardier Dash-8 Q200s with STOL capacity, that is, short takeoff and landing.

The video shows just that: how amazing the approach to the airport is. The track is only 800 meters long and stands on a cliff that is on the west coast of the island of Maniitsoq. [ Digg ]