Huawei thinks it can one-up Apple’s Face ID with its own facial recognition technology


The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has just presented its version of the Face ID. The system would be more efficient and secure than Apple’s.

Good ideas belong to everyone the wait will have been brief before seeing an imitation of face recognition face recognition system, present on the iPhone X. This announcement was made on the sidelines of the presentation conference of the Honor 9 Pro. The system presented by Huawei would be – obviously – better than that of Apple with 300 000 points analyzed on the face against 30 000 for Face ID and unlocking time of 400 milliseconds.

Copy and paste

We find the same components as those present on the iPhone X, namely an infrared camera and a 3D scanner with structured light. Huawei pushes the vice to present a copy of Animoji iPhone X. Finally, you can also pay by credit card via facial recognition.

For the moment, no device of the Chinese brand offers this system, but no doubt that the 2018 models will be entitled to this novelty. Other Chinese brands should soon be positioned with a similar system and bet that this could become the trend for smartphones in 2018.