Google’s search engine features for China unveiled

Google's search engine features for China unveiled

The project, called “Dragonfly”, will allow Google to perhaps settle comfortably in China.

We know all too well: foreign firms must comply with the measures imposed by the Chinese government. On the Apple side, it is, for example, thousands of games that have been removed from the App Store while approval of video games has been blocked for several months, making for Tencent the difficult situation. Today, it is another company and more precisely Google which interests us. And for good reason: the American giant will propose in China an alternative version of its operating engine. The Intercept is the source of this information proving that Google seeks to conquer the Chinese market.

Chinese market to conquer for Google

The Chinese market is essential for tech firms and that, Google cannot ignore. It is through its project “Dragonfly” that the American giant wants to propose a Chinese alternative version of its search engine. Operation? Simple: the words “Manifestations”, “Democracy” or “Human Rights” will be censored. A directive that is in line with the unpermissive policy put in place by the country’s government. Note that “Dragonfly” would be linked to the user’s phone number and potentially his ID card to keep an eye on the history of the latter.

The Intercept still explains that Google would be suspected of collecting personal data from users to provide a Chinese company. A way for the American giant to be “accepted” in China. The deployment of “Dragonfly” could, in any case, make a lot of noise and excesses vis-à-vis Human Rights be present.