Google to Pay Apple $12 Billion to Remain Safari’s Default Search Engine

Google to Pay Apple $12 Billion to Remain Safari's Default Search Enginea

Google may pay no less than 12 billion dollars to Apple for a year to remain the default search engine in the Apple’s Safari browser.

Rod Hall, an analyst from the investment bank Goldman Sachs, announced in the columns of Business Insider that the Google has invested several billion per year to be the default search engine on Safari for several years. He estimates that the Mountain View company spent a billion dollars in 2014 to maintain its dominant strategic position on the Apple web browser, before leaving the wallet and big money with $ 3 billion in 2017 and nine billion for this year. This impressive amount is expected to increase further next year to $ 12 billion.

Apple makes more profit with Google’s investment than with iCloud or Apple Music

The analyst at Goldman Sachs (a US-based group that also offers M & A advisory, corporate finance, capital investment, and asset trading) says: ” We think this amount is indexed to the number search for Apple device users, from Siri or the Safari browser. We believe that Apple is one of the most important traffic acquisition channels for Google. We believe that the transformation to services, driven by the growth of both installed devices and service revenues per device, outperforming investor expectations. We do not believe that Apple services should be valued independently at a multiple higher than that of the combined company.