Google Billionaire Eric Schmidt: Elon Musk is ‘exactly wrong’ about A.I. because he ‘doesn’t understand’

Google Billionaire Eric Schmidt: Elon Musk is ‘exactly wrong’ about A.I. because he ‘doesn’t understand’

Two middle giants compete on a thorny issue.

Let it be said: Artificial intelligence is a vast question. A question to which most of the actors in the field are trying to provide an answer, an expertise, a reflection. Among these actors, we find Elon Musk who thinks that this technology is going to annihilate the human race. It must be said that the man is one of the most influential in the area and also said that flying cars were a bad idea. In the first question, Eric Schmidt, the former boss of Google, offers a different answer and takes the opportunity to scratch Elon Musk, by the way.

A disagreement on the issue between Eric Schmidt and Elon Musk

There is no doubt that Elon Musk, and his temperament rather strong, may soon meet the former boss of Google. As a reminder, it was last November that Elon Musk said it would be very complicated to have control over artificial intelligence while a third world war around this technology could explode. A somewhat pessimistic scenario already reinforced by similar statements in 2014. It is during Viva Technology Paris Eric Schmidt, the former boss of Google responded to these claims for Maurice Lévy.

He (Elon Musk) does not understand the benefits of this technology that will make every human being smarter, the fact that AI and machine learning are important to humanity.

In the end, a counter-attack a bit elusive – Eric Schmidt also explained that AI would allow us to live much better, much longer – facing the excesses that could lead this technology. Because in spite of all its advantages, one can easily imagine an incredible number of problems that the latter could cause. How to keep control of our AI and prevent it from turning against us? A question already asked by SF’s books for decades – but not so fancy.