Google Assistant Can Now Do Live Interpretation For People Speaking Two Different Languages

Google Assistant Can Now Do Live Interpretation For People Speaking Two Different Languages

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Google wants its virtual assistant to really help users, and for those who travel to other countries, it really could be. 

The technology giant announced on Tuesday at the CES 2019 technology fair that Google Assistant will soon be able to do instant interpretation in 27 languages ​​during real-time conversations.

This means that you will not have to use a dictionary to translate or make sure you have a companion that can serve as an interpreter because Google Assistant would replace both.

According to the company, to activate the function the user only has to say “Hey Google, can you be my Spanish interpreter?” and Google Assistant will not only help you to understand the other person in an auditory way, but it will also translate the information in a visual way.

“We see that this technology can be expanded to areas beyond the home, to possibly be an interpreter at the reception of a hotel or to help understand the bus schedule when traveling abroad and do not speak the local language well,”. Google in a statement.

And here’s a look at a cool new Google Assistant trick: Interpreter Mode #CES— Karissa Bell (@karissabe) January 8, 2019

In fact, initially Google will launch the interpretation function in Las Vegas as part of a pilot program with the Caesars Palace hotel – and I had the opportunity to test it with the concierge through a Google Home Hub.

The Google Assistant interpreted everything quite well (I asked it in Spanish to help me find a Japanese restaurant), although it delayed translating a few seconds more than I expected, something that clearly is not a problem if the situation is not urgent.

Google Assistant already has a worldwide reach, being available in 30 languages ​​and 80 countries. According to Google, by the end of January, Assistant will already be integrated into 1,000 million devices worldwide.