Facebook reopens its platform to developers

Suspended after the outbreak of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Facebook platform is again open to third-party developers. But the social network is now more strict in its validation process.

After the outbreak of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook decided to suspend the addition of new applications to its platform, the time to reevaluate its acceptance procedures for these apps.

If this was necessary to regain the trust of users after the scandal, this measure could also cause disruption on the work of some developers.

Facebook reopens the valves

At its F8 conference, in addition to presenting some updates on its platform and its APIs, Facebook also announces the reopening of this platform to developers. This means that it is again possible to create new applications using the data of Facebook users.

Today, we’re reopening our application review process,” wrote Facebook in a post. “The process has changed a bit because we now need business verification for applications that need access to specialized APIs or extended login permissions. Applications that require a basic public profile or additional permissions, such as birthday or friends list, are not subject to commercial verification.

This reopening of the Facebook platform is accompanied by changes in the company’s policy in terms of access to data by third-party application developers. Today, the number one social network says it focuses on the “trust” of users who entrust their data.

Facebook has also introduced new resources for application developers, as well as new tools like the AR Camera, new ways to share Stories or a new version of the Graph API.