Apple wants you to whisper words in Siri’s ear

Apple wants you to whisper words in Siri's ear

The brand has released a patent signed in 2016. It reads that the voice assistant Siri may well one day understand the whispers.

If you dreamed of having intimate conversations by the fire with your voice assistant like in the film Her, know that Apple may soon allow it. A patent unveiled by the specialized website Gizmodo indicates that the Apple brand wants to teach Siri to whisper.

If the patent was filed in 2016, it was not released until December 14. He explains through diagrams how Siri could eventually understand the murmurs of users. And also answer them in the same tone.

According to Apple, this novelty would be useful in certain scenarios, such as “when studying in a library, where loud speaking is forbidden”. The brand adds in the documents that this will “protect the privacy” of iPhone owners.

The fact that a patent has been filed does not necessarily mean that this technology will appear on your phones soon. Neither will she appear there one day.