20 funny illustrations of couples life

20 funny illustrations of couples life

Yehuda Adi Devir is an artist based in Tel Aviv (Israel), also “character designer”, he has made many comic illustrations staging his daily life with his wife.

A true passionate of pop culture, he has, among other things, accomplished the “Cinephile” project, a work that consists of a wall 11 meters long and 2 meters high, including 300 iconic moments from the film industry from 1920 to 2016!

There are several scenes of households that can be experienced by any couple. Between the little moments of the day, the shower, the jealousies all these adventures give a hilarious result and it’s a real treat!

1. Bad hair day

2. The Scarf

“What? It’s freezing outside !!”

3. Happy Valentine’s Day

“Happy Valentine’s Day,
guess what day it is?”
Tuesday? … ”

4. Travel pillow

5. My wife’s idea for Purim costume

“Come on, do not be shy,
I will not go out like this”

6. My Mush Bachelorette Party

“Now it’s party time
Oh yes my God !!”

7. Holiday leftovers

8. Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!

9. Tel-Aviv beach

“Why do not you take off your shirt?
I do not want to”

10. Day at the bus

11. A walk in the park

“Stop eyeballing my man!”

12. Lets take a selfie!!

13. Sweet dreams

“Darling .. I can not sleep ”

14. My wife’s concept of working out together

15. My hot wife!

16. Winter is here

“I really hate winter!”

17. Everytime i think of shaving

“Tonight I’ll shave like a Latino seducer”

18. Happy feet!

19. How it’s always my turn to do the dishes?

“But what did you do ?!

20. Typical night out

“Hurry! We’ll be late!
I’m ready, I just have to put on my shoes”

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